As a result of rapidly progressing construction works at Põhja-Tallinn padel center, developed by Arco Vara and set to be completed in the last quarter of this year, a cornerstone laying and topping-out ceremonies were held together this Friday to celebrate the building reaching its final height.

At the ceremony, Miko Niinemäe, CEO of Arco Vara mentioned that the agreement between the developer and the city for developing this area dates back to 1999. He noted that the project has now reached a significant milestone, with the construction of the building, which began in February, set to be completed as planned – by late autumn. “The Tallinn Property Department has shown excellent cooperation, making it possible to construct a community-oriented building. We are creating this project for local residents and sports enthusiasts, bringing better sports facilities to Põhja-Tallinn,” said Niinemäe at the event.

Kaarel Oja, Deputy Mayor of the City of Tallinn, pointed out that there can never be too many opportunities to do sports. “Such bold plans and investments from the private sector are not very common. Although the City of Tallinn has made and will continue to make investments in the sports sector, it doesn’t mean we should do less now; rather, it means that together we can do more,” he commented.

Tallinna abilinnapea Kaarel Oja

Kaarel Oja

The building is constructed by Arco Tarc, a subsidiary of the real estate developer Arco Vara. A one-story building, with an area of approximately 2,000 square meters, will house a fully automated padel center with six indoor courts. The center will be operated by Padelstar and will offer diverse opportunities for both recreational and competitive sports.

Henry Kiviorg, a board member of Padelstar, which will operate the center, expressed his pleasure about the cooperation between the developer and the city, resulting in the new padel center. He added that good infrastructure for padel ensures player development, improvement in coaching standards, and an increase in the number of enthusiasts. “It is very positive to see that during the recent years, more and more people are catching the padel fever, with more players and enthusiasts joining this sport,” he noted.

Padelstar juhatuse liige Henry Kiviorg

Henry Kiviorg

The official opening of the padel center is scheduled for early 2025, when Tallinn will be declared the European Capital of Sport.