The Tallinn City Government initiated a detailed spatial plan for the Lammi 6 property in the Kodulahe quarter located in Merimetsa. With the completion of development activities on the last property, Arco Vara has created a mini-district near Stroomi beach with approximately 2000 residences.

According to Miko Niinemäe, the CEO of Arco Vara, approximately 170 apartments and 10 commercial premises will be built on the Lammi 6 property, next to the Stroomi beach and forest. This is also the final stage of the Kodulahe quarter. “Lammi 6 connects the entire Kodulahe area, putting the finishing touch on the environment,” said Niinemäe.

Last year, Arco Vara in cooperation with the Tallinn Urban Planning Department conducted an architectural contest. Lammi 6 area is now being developed by the winning design called Trifolium and created by Molumba Architecture Bureau.

There will be eight four-story buildings on the property, and all apartments will have spacious balconies. According to the CEO of Arco Vara, the spaces between the residential buildings will include courtyards with playgrounds, greenhouses, and a small pond. “Safe and car-free green areas between the residential buildings are very important, based on the experience of locals in the area,” explained Niinemäe and added, that the concept is to create developments that add value to the living environment.

Niinemäe stated that the construction and sale of apartments at Lammi 6 are planned to begin in 2026, with the expected completion by the year 2028. The Kodulahe quarter, initiated in 2013, has been one of the most successful projects of Arco Vara, where nearly 400 homes have already been handed over to residents. In addition to the Lammi 6 stage, the neighboring Soodi 6 property is also currently in development, with its detailed plan approved in March earlier this year. According to Niinemäe, sales of the 62 apartments there will begin soon.

“However, Lammi 6 will be an important part of the entire Kodulahe development, and when the construction is finished, we can say that Kodulahe is ready. The uniqueness of this property lies in the fact that, with the completion of Lammi 6, Arco Vara has created its own mini-district, providing homes for approximately 2000 people in Tallinn,” concluded Niinemäe.