Development of fully integrated living environments and business properties

We design and deliver real estate that takes the client’s wishes into account and is well matched to the development’s surroundings. Valuing the area we are building in and making what we build as liveable as possible are more important to us than building big.

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More and more people are looking to invest in real estate, but acquiring personal property isn’t always within the financial reach of retail investors. Moreover, renting a property out and ensuring its upkeep eat into your time and bank balance. By investing in Arco Vara, you can make money from the returns on a real estate business without having to buy any apartments yourself.

Between 1 January and 31 July 2021, the share price grew by 80% from 1.25 euros to 2.25 euros.

Arco Vara is the first listed Estonian company to pay dividends of at least 1 cent per share every quarter. Then there are additional dividends, which depend on the audited net profit for the previous financial year. The final amount is decided by the general meeting.

Arco Vara develops integrated residential and business areas in Estonia and Bulgaria. The company is planning to enter a third market by 2024 at the latest.

  • We aim to increase our sales revenue by 20% annually.
  • Achieve stable sales figures of more than 200 homes each year.
  • Open a new branch office in Europe.
Miko Niinemäe

Arco Vara has two main objectives: to offer its investors substantial returns and dividends, and to build the best possible homes for its clients. The more shareholders we have, the more attention our homes will gain and the more assuredly we’ll be able to offer our shareholders a highly marketable listed company that’s got a lot of major deals under its belt.

Miko-Ove Niinemäe
CEO of Arco Vara

Our development projects

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