Arco Vara ehitusettevõtet hakkab juhtima Lauri MännisteLauri Männiste, the former project manager of Ramm Ehitus, became the manager of Arco Tarc, a subsidiary of Arco Vara engaged in the construction. “Our goal is to offer services on a highly professional level and to be a reliable and innovative partner for developers,” said Männiste. 

Lauri Männiste studied industrial and civil engineering at Tallinn University of Technology and he has a Master’s degree in Construction Technology. “My first contact with a construction site was at Vilcon Ehitus. This was followed by 7 years in various positions at Nordecon AS, leading construction works. The last 10 years passed at Ramm Ehitus as a project manager,” said Männiste, who in his last position also managed the first stages of construction in the Arco Vara Kodulahe residential area.

Miko Niinemäe, CEO of Arco Vara, added that the cooperation went great and when Arco Vara established a new construction company Arco Tarc, he proposed to Männiste to lead it. “I am very pleased that he accepted the offer and since June 29, Lauri Männiste has been in the office,” said Niinemäe. “Our right choice has been already proven by the fact that Männiste has been able to put together a very good team for the new construction company.”

According to Lauri Männiste, there are currently 5 people employed in the company engaged in the general contracting of the construction, but the team will definitely grow soon. 

“At current times, when there is a great shortage of good construction experts in the labor market, it is challenging to find good people. It is even more difficult to put together a team that supports each other and shares common values. But we have succeeded in that,” said Männiste.

Lauri Männiste’s goal is to develop Arco Tarc into a highly professional general contracting construction company. “By conducting Arco Vara projects, we can adapt well to the developer’s wishes and see the development project as a whole. Our people can be described by high morals and honesty. Within the company, everyone’s personal development must be ensured. We are definitely innovative and consider efficiency and innovation important. A rapidly changing world offers wonderful opportunities, both in technology and materials, and for our mindsets,” said Männiste.

The first object of Arco Tarc is the construction of the residential area of ​​Kodulahe Rannakalda, where the construction cost is planned to be 22 million euros. Männiste admitted that there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty in the construction market at the moment. “The prices of raw materials on the world market also drive up the prices of construction materials. Agreements with suppliers and contractors often contain clauses that allow prices to be adjusted during the work. The parties wish to avoid price risk for a longer period and there are fewer fixed-price contracts. The lack of qualified labor is still a challenge,” Männiste said but also added, that in the case of the Kodulahe Rannakalda project, the risks have been mitigated in cooperation with the developer – for example, Arco Vara has purchased in advance a significant part of the steel needed for construction in its ongoing projects.

Arco Tarc OÜ, a wholly-owned subsidiary by Arco Vara AS, will be mainly engaged in the general contracting of the construction of Arco Vara Group developments. “The construction company’s margin on the construction of Arco Vara’s developments is limited, meaning that the construction company operates for the profitability of the entire development and is not an independent profit-making entity,” stated Miko Niinemäe. In the longer perspective, Arco Tarc will also provide construction services to other developers, but the development objects of Arco Vara will remain its priority.