Based on the winning work of Apex Arhitektuuribüroo, Arco Vara continues the development of the Kodulahe residential quarter near Stroomi beach on the Soodi 6 property. In addition to the three apartment houses being built in the new stage, Arco Vara will also develop connections for pedestrians and vehicles towards Paldiski road.

The winner of the architectural competition was the design called UKAUKA by Apex Arhitektuuribüroo. According to Miko Niinemäe, the CEO of Arco Vara, the winning work brilliantly connects Kodulahe quarter, Stroomi beach, and Paldiski road with sidewalks, while maintaining residents’ private terrace areas.

The developer sticks to the principle that a high-quality living environment is much more important than the construction volumes. “Three different types of apartment buildings with a total of only 60 apartments and three commercial premises will be built in the new stage. One of the most outstanding parts of the winning work of the architectural contest was roof terraces, which create a visual gradual effect and reduce the massiveness of the building,” described Niinemäe.

According to the CEO of Arco Vara, the extraordinariness of Soodi 6 development lies in several smaller solutions. The modern exterior of the buildings and park/square on the south side of the property will delight the new residents of the development as well as add significant value to the local community.

Ove Oot, partner of the architectural office that won the competition, also emphasized that while determining a balance point between parking opportunities and landscaping, the green factor was considered more important. The area between the buildings is planned to be car-free.

“Soodi 6 property plays a central role in the Kodulahe district, and it’s also an entrance role from the Paldiski road. While developing architectural solution, the symbiosis of the urban and natural environment led us to different building typologies that are absent in the area. Around the buildings, we designed an environment with both public and private places. We hope that such a solution will prove itself in reality in the form of a better environment and offer a valuable addition to both the Kodulahe area and Tallinn in general,” architects explained. In order to make traffic safer and smoother within the Kodulahe quarter, a new connection from the Soodi 6 property to the Paldiski road will be created during the construction works according to Miko Niinemäe.

The authors of the Soodi 6 architectural contest’s winning work were Taavi Lõoke, Kristi Järvik, Liispet Viira, Ove Oot, and Ingrid Kaur.

According to Miko Niinemäe, the construction of Soodi 6 and the start of apartment sales are planned for the first half of 2024, and the completion of the object for 2025. The developer has planned an investment of 20 million euros. The main contractor of the object is Arco Tarc, a subsidiary of Arco Vara.