Arco Vara alustab Kodulahe kvartalis eelviimase etapi väljaarendamist

The Tallinn City Government has approved the detailed planning for the Soodi 6 property, located near Stroomi beach in the Merimetsa district, where Arco Vara as a developer of comprehensive living environments will construct three apartment buildings with a modern exterior. This marks the penultimate phase of the development of the Kodulahe residential quarter.  

According to the CEO of Arco Vara, Miko Niinemäe, the acceptance of the detailed planning is a significant milestone for the developer, as it enables the planning of specific construction deadlines, which have so far been in a so-called grey area. The company plans to commence construction of the next phase of the Kodulahe quarter, consisting of three apartment buildings, in the middle of this year. “In this new phase, three different types of apartment buildings will be completed, with a total of only 62 apartments and four commercial spaces. We remain committed to our principle that a quality living environment is more important than construction volume,” explains Niinemäe.

Last year, Arco Vara organized an architectural competition in collaboration with the Tallinn Urban Planning Department to find a comprehensive solution for the Soodi 6 property. As a result of the competition, the development of the next phase of the Kodulahe residential quarter will proceed based on the UKAUKA concept from Apex Arhitektuuribüroo. “The winning entry from the competition excellently integrated the Kodulahe quarter with Stroomi beach and the pedestrian areas of Paldiski Road, while preserving private terrace areas,” highlights Niinemäe, adding that a playground area with green space will also add significant value to the local community. The space between the buildings is planned to be car-free.

The construction permit also includes the construction of a new pedestrian and vehicular road. “In addition to the three apartment buildings to be completed in the new phase, Arco Vara is developing new pedestrian and vehicular connections towards Paldiski Road, to ensure safer and smoother traffic within the Kodulahe quarter,” explains Niinemäe. Additionally, the city plans to construct a new kindergarten in the area to provide nearby services for the community.

Niinemäe confirms that the sale of Soodi 6 apartments will begin in the next quarter, and new homeowners can move into their apartments by 2025 Christmas. The total investment size for the project is estimated at 14 million euros. “We have confidence in the construction process, as our subsidiary Arco Tarc is the main contractor for this project, reducing our dependency on external factors,” adds Niinemäe.

Arco Vara is developing nearly 700 homes in the Kodulahe residential quarter. The Soodi 6 planning is one of the final stages in the development of the residential area bordering Stroomi beach. A project for the development of the neighboring Lammi 6 property has also been presented to Tallinn city to initiate a detailed planning. “Upon completion of the entire area, homes will be provided for approximately 2,000 people,” concludes Niinemäe.