Arco Vara’s construction subsidiary Arco Tarc was awarded three ISO certificates, which, according to board member Lauri Männiste, shows the company’s long term commitment to the development and effective implementation of its management systems.

According to Männiste, all companies engaged in construction work should have ISO certificates, because it shows that the company meets internationally recognized standards and is both reliable and sustainable in its operations.

“Receiving the certificates was not a goal itself for us, but a conscious step on a longer journey – designing management systems and developing the company. Having ISO certificates gives us a competitive advantage and broadens our future prospects. In the construction sector, having certificates is, for example, a prerequisite for participating in state procurements or reconstruction procurements guaranteed by KredEx,” Lauri Männiste, board member of Arco Tarc commented. “Since these are internationally recognized universal certificates, private customers are starting to increasingly enquire about their existence as well,” he added.

The three certificates awarded to Arco Tarc show that the company’s management systems comply with international standards in terms of quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001). “ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are widespread in the construction sector, and ISO 45001 is also rapidly gaining popularity,” said Männiste.

“As a starting company, we needed a certain framework to build our systems on. A thorough analysis of the company’s processes when applying for certificates gave us a valuable toolbox, but the substantive work is yet to begin. A certificate is valid for three years, compliance of daily activities with the standards will be checked in the following two years with an annual surveillance audit, and in the third year we will face a recertification audit,” commented Männiste.

Analyzing the current state of the construction market, Männiste states that the market is clearly calming down. “Sometimes it feels like it’s 2008 again, but this time it will last one and a half or two years. The desire to buy new homes is still there, and real estate is slowly becoming more accessible again,” says Männiste. “In the coming months, we will complete the Kodulahe Rannakalda development several months ahead of schedule, with which we have proven ourselves well. Several new and interesting projects are already waiting, for example next year the expansion of the Kodulahe quarter to the Soodi 6 property and the Arcojärve residential quarter are planned,” Männiste opened Arco Tarc’s future plans.