Arco Vara Miko Niinemäe

As the first Estonian listed company to start paying quarterly dividends, the Supervisory Board of Arco Vara proposed to the shareholders to pay a dividend of 6 cents per share for the past financial year. That is half as much as previously confirmed.

On the proposal of the Supervisory Board, the first dividend payment will be made to shareholders in June of this year at 2 cents per share. Then 1 cent in September, again 2 cents in December, and 1 cent per share in March 2023. “If the shareholders approve it, Arco Vara will pay a dividend of 6 cents per share. This is 50% more than the minimum dividend policy approved last year, despite the turbulent times,” explained Miko Niinemäe, CEO of Arco Vara.

Arco Vara’s dividend policy approved last year guarantees shareholders a dividend of at least 1 cent per share each quarter. An additional dividend may be added, depending on the audited net profit of the previous financial year.

The quarterly dividend policy gives the investor the opportunity to earn additional income four times a year instead of once because the dividend is paid in four installments. The list of shareholders entitled to receive the respective dividends shall in all cases be fixed on the 8th day of the same month.

According to Niinemäe, people’s interest in investing is still high and more and more people are engaged in it. “In addition to savings, income from dividends is an important source to deliver on the securities market. The quarterly dividend gives the investor the opportunity to earn additional income four times a year instead of once. It also means that investing in real estate and generating a constant cash flow does not necessarily mean investing in a private rental apartment, ”said Niinemäe.

Arco Vara’s current dividend payment system is valid until the end of 2023. “It is possible that we will continue, but a lot depends on the economic and security situation in the world,” Niinemäe added.

The Supervisory Board of Arco Vara also sent the annual report for 2021 to the General Meeting of Shareholders on May 17, according to which the Arco Vara Group earned a profit of 2 million euros last year with a turnover of 11.6 million euros. “Although the war in Ukraine is also affecting the construction market, Arco Vara has not stopped any development projects so far. We have purchased a significant quantity of the steel needed for construction for the ongoing projects, and we also focus on the prices and availability of other materials,” added the CEO of Arco Vara.