Kuldlehe homes are now for sale!

On the Kuldlehe property, we will be building a 3-story “hive” housing – a building containing five homes with a single entrance.
The building has two above ground and one below ground floors. Parking and storage will be situated below ground. Every home has their living room, bathroom, kitchen and sauna on the first floor and bedrooms on the second. The house placement allows each home to have a private terrace on the ground floor and balconies on the second.

For sales information, contact our sales representative:
Kristel Pisang
+372 507 9001

Kuldlehe (Lehitu tee 11)
  • Total area of site – 5219 m²
  • Gross surface area – 927,1 m²
  • Saleable area – 853 m²
  • No. of homes – 5
  • Year of completion – 2024 Q1
  • Status – Under construction